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Pretty Good Privacy and Snuko in the Aerospace Industry

April 5th, 2021

Aerospace has now developed a sophisticated approach to ensure confidentiality of data. This is primarily because of its association with the military. The data confidentiality is maintained not only in its dealings with the military and defense sectors but also with its other business associates.

The requirements of confidentiality are, however, complex. For example, some are monitored by national regulations and demand the use of the encryption algorithms mandated by their national security agency. On the other hand, there are some that require those products that have been reviewed and approved by the agency or they incorporate certain devices.

The OpenPGP standard is now being used for giving a substantial level of resistance to attack for quite some time. Also, there have been specific implementations and approval of some products that use algorithms within those supported by this Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) standard.

The aerospace industry was the very first user of security systems. Therefore, as a good anti-theft and data protection measure, they have heavily invested in OpenPGP and PGP solutions. One major reason for this could be the fact that, for a long time, these were the only solutions available.

Although the information networks are locked down and secured in this industry, the systems themselves are sometimes left vulnerable. Since all the sensitive information is stored in the computers and laptops, securing these elements becomes a priority. With the network locked down, it will become difficult for a hacker to penetrate into systems through another terminal. But, the system can also be hacked into individually. Also, with laptop theft on the rise, the confidential data can easily find its way to unauthorized users.

To prevent this kind of loss, there are many tools available. These software options lock down the system the minute it has been reported lost. Also, they can help you identify where your computer is located within 10 to 20 meters. They also take regular pictures of the one using the computer and also snapshots of the screen to tell you what an unauthentic user was doing with your system. One such software adept with all these features and much more is Snuko.

The use of software tools is important for the aerospace industry. Since all the information they deal with is confidential, it becomes increasingly important for them to take all precautions possible to protect it. Therefore, along with OpenPGP, the use of anti-theft software options should also be encouraged.